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Have an insider view of a Japanese Toyota plant, the birthplace of lean

Spend a day at the Dojo immersed in lean simulations and open discussions with former Toyota executives;

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About Us

Honsha is a premier Lean Consulting group that has built a strong reputation by transforming companies using the TPS/Lean philosophy learned at Toyota. Based in Carslbad, CA (USA) and with offices in São Paulo (Brazil) and Tokyo (Japan), Honsha serves companies of all sizes and types, from small and midsize companies to Fortune 500 and major multinational corporations around the world.

  • Toyota DNA

    Toyota Industrial Managers alumni association

  • TPS Knowledge

    Engineers trained TPS in Toyota City, Japan.

  • Lean Thinking

    We apply TPS throughout operations, processes, administrative functions, development and planning.
  • Excellence Way

    Honsha utilizes the same principles and techniques that Toyota uses in its pursuit to excellence.
What we do

What we do

•Gemba Walk
•Leadership Awareness
•Lean Assessment
•Workshops & Training
•Lean Audit
•Lean Assessment – The P part of PDCA
•Real examples.  Real companies.

New! High Mix Low Volume (HMLV) Solution

If you provide a High Variation of Products or type of Services, check out our Specialized Team.

  • Over 20 years experience of successfully improving leadership systems to focus on the most vital problems among the increased volume of issues within high variation environments,
  • Lean principles adapted & proven to benefit quality, lead-time and on time delivery within the more complex mixes of products & services
  • Our team leader Greg Lane received specialized Toyota Key Person training in Japan prior to this his 20 years of specialization in developing lean business systems in high mix low volume organizations. His hands on learning was truely enhanced by purchasing and tranforming a job shop in Silicon Valley, California.
Washington State Dept. of Labor & Industries

Results from some of Honsha’s Clients

Washington State Dept. of Labor & Industries

  • Reduced time to schedule exams by 73% from 15 minutes per transaction to 4 minutes.
  • Reduced delays in completing injured worker vocational evaluations by 51 days, which equates to $20 million a year reduction in claim costs.
  • Decreased claim manager time spent on nonessential work by 86%.  Gradual improvements are being seen in time loss claim resolution rates.
  • Reduced lapses in contractor insurance renewals by 37% to ensure contractors stay licensed.
  • Increased the accuracy of contractor registration process from 89% to 99%.

What others say about us

Osvaldo Louzane

“Honsha gives us a clear vision of how we can leverage the continuous improvement process in our organization, emphasizing the total involvement of everyone in search of the simple and effective.”

Osvaldo Louzane Process Excellence Manager
Sarah Merkey

“The Honsha seminar revolutionized my thinking and approach to process improvement.”

Sarah Merkey Investment Manager
Kiyoshi Adaniya

“They never leave out the core concepts that make the foundation of the TPS/Lean.”

Kiyoshi Adaniya Executive Coordinator
Jed Campbell

“It was the most illuminating workshop that I have ever experienced. I went into the workshop laden with questions, and came out armed with the practical knowledge and tools. Now I know what I need to do and how to do it.”

Jed Campbell Production Manager

Honsha Offices


701 Palomar Airport Road Suite #300

Carlsbad CA 92011

T/ 408-316-3803

F/ 760 295-8626


Rua Lord Cockrane, 616

5° Andar – CJ 504 –
Ipiranga Offices

CEP 04213-001

Sao Paulo – SP – Brasil

T/ (55 11) 99151 2289, 2533-0502


Kanagawa-Ken, Yokohama-Shi

Tsurumi-Ku, Higashi Terao 2-3-2

NIC Haimu Higashi Terao Dai 3 305

Japan Postal 230-0077

T/ (81 90) 7247 6183

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