Most companies embarking on a lean journey soon become frustrated with kaizen events and isolated improvement projects that yield great short-term results but have no sustainability. They are searching for something more: the culture of continuous improvement with its philosophy, processes, and people aligned to cultivate problem solving.

In this program we attempt to explore the unique culture of Toyota:

  • What is it?
  • How to get it?
  • How to keep it?

The course is intended to demonstrate how connecting and simultaneously developing the “Product” and the “People” value streams helps accelerate your lean implementation setting a foundation for a sustainable lean culture.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand why focusing on “cost cutting” is the wrong approach
  • Learn to improve your profits and cash flow through lean thinking
  • Learn why “delegating lean” to others doesn’t work, and may actually hurt your bottom line
  • Understand and implement processes and systems to sustain your improvement activity
  • Learn about the key components of establishing a lean culture of mutual trust,  respect and continuous improvement
  • Learn how to attract, select, develop and engage competent, able and committed team members
  • Understand how to develop leaders who sustain and improve the systems of lean

Course Outline:
Day 1

  • Lean Leadership – comprehensive management system for the Lean Enterprise
    • Purpose and outputs
    • Vision & Values
    • Servant leadership
    • Connecting to lean technical systems and processes
    • Establishing a culture of trust and continuous improvement
    • Leadership accountability
  • The “Quality People” value stream
    • Role of HR in supporting a lean transformation
    • Lean competencies
    • Recruitment and selection/promotion processes: the right people, at the right time, in the right form and amount
    • Training and development: orientation, standardization, fundamental skills, and job instruction
    • Engaging members in the work: daily systematic problem solving at all levels of the organization
    • Enrolling members in the company: career development, family, community, and environment

Day 2

  • Human systems for lean supporting processes – HR infrastructure to support lean
    • Working level organizational structure: rule of five, matrix organization, suggestion system, and quality circles
    • Clean and safe work environment
    • Visual management and two-way communication
    • Workforce planning and flexible people and systems for stable employment
    • Fair and consistent policies and practices
    • Performance management, rewards and recognition, and corrective action
  • Implementation strategies
    • Change management
    • Hoshin planning
    • Floor management development system
  • Self-assessment gap analysis and action plan
    • Assess your organization in terms of Lean Leadership and lean human systems
    • Prioritize your gaps using the hoshin kanri process
    • Develop a customized A3 and action plan to address your priority gap

Understand what you and your team will need to change in your current role to successfully lead a lean transformation:

  • Learn how to create management systems and infrastructure that make problems visible and engage team members at all levels in a rigorous problem-solving and continuous-improvement process
  • Complete an assessment of your organization revealing gaps in terms of its leadership, technical, and human systems that need to be addressed in order to build a lean culture
  • Develop a clear action plan to address the prioritized gaps utilizing hoshin kanri and A3 tools

Who Should Attend:
CEOs, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Executive Leaders, General Managers, Lean Leaders, and any one facilitating change within your organization who understands the importance of going beyond tools to creating effective management systems and processes in order to set the basis for creating a sustainable lean culture.


Workshop Suggestion:
To maximize your learning experience we recommend that prior to attending this program you take following workshop or have a good understanding of the concepts presented within it.

Suggested Reading for this Workshop: