Unleash the Human Potential in Your Organization.

Our parallel approach:

  1. Developing culture change training for leaders and,
  2. Implementing tactical problem solving projects in critical business areas… results in sustainable change.

Honsha supports State government agencies, such as DOT organizations, including Engineering and DMVs, with a unique and powerful set of tools to:

  • Unite Work-Groups
  • Reduce Waste
  • Improve Productivity
  • Remove Obstacles
  • Increase Performance
  • Clarify Challenges
  • Solve Problems


“Working with the Honsha team has been great for the ADOT MVD, as we have accomplished goals that were previously thought to be unattainable. The Honsha team first guided us through a major transformation at one of our offices and they continue to share their experiences and expertise with our leadership team, which has since expanded those principles statewide. MVD has learned a great deal from the Honsha team and adoption of the Lean culture has greatly accelerated the improvements made across the Division.”

Eric JorgensenDeputy Director, Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)

“Our transformation at MVD was underway and we had the seeds of a lean management system being planted.  Our organization was in its infancy in terms of talent and resources to grow our system. We engaged Honsha to help us develop a test site that we could develop resources and quickly break our process down, understand our issues and quickly experiment with possible solutions. MVDs (or DMVs) are renowned for their inefficiency which manifests itself as wait time for customers.”

“Our starting point was nearly an hour and we targeted a door-to-door time of 28 min. This focused project was designed to teach our teams to solve problems for themselves. This learn-and-do environment allowed our teams to engage with the process in ways that they hadn’t previously. In short order excitement built around a few key findings that allowed the office to near their goal far faster than expected. Better still was the team seemed to be aware that they were doing the heavy lifting. The team planted a seed of an improved management system, developed confidence that our problems were solvable, and helped spread our findings to our other offices. Within six months of engagement, we had team members seeding other teams to deliver results. Within a year, we had reduced our wait-time, not just at our project site, but throughout our 40 plus office ecosystem.”

“Honsha helped us turbo-charge our management system deployment, achieve our core focus expectation, and to speed up the continuous improvement culture change.  We may have ultimately gotten where we wanted to go, but it would have most certainly taken us a lot longer to get there.”

Michael CrydermanField Operations Administrator, Motor Vehicle Division Arizona Department of Transportation

“Implementing the Arizona Management System through the expert guidance of Honsha has allowed ADOT, and my team in particular, to better understand what is important to our customers, look at problems in different ways, and develop meaningful measurements. The Honsha team has pushed ADOT to reflect on our performance and strive to make each day better than yesterday. That’s the essence of continuous improvement and the Honsha professionals have been wise guides as we launched into this exciting journey.”

Dr. Timothy TaitCommunications Director, Arizona Department of Transportation

“With our Lean journey of the Arizona Management System transformation, Honsha is an invaluable partner.  ADOT teams have learned how to make simple changes for big improvements. In fact, as part of our never-ending improvement culture, we’ve seen that the most inexpensive change often yields the greatest improvement.”

“From leadership coaching and mentoring, to work group training and problem solving, Honsha’s Associates have professionally and personally shown ADOT teams how to take a hands-on approach to transforming a culture from within.  Leadership has learned to take a “go and see” (Gemba) approach to management and engaging frontline staff. Lean tools such as Workplace Organization and Visual Management have greatly enhanced our efforts to identify and remove wasteful processes and procedures, and promote more efficient systems and resources.”

Krystle SuarezCustomer Service, Assistant Regional Manager, ADOT

“The ADOT transformation journey has seen some remarkable achievements in a very short time.  Two critical factors have contributed to our progress:  Leadership engagement and our partnership with Honsha.   Leadership engagement has been stimulated and fed through a series of learn and do activities.  Honsha has been an excellent partner, helping ADOT to develop the roadmap of our transformation journey, sharing their expertise and showing us how to learn and teach what’s important to our entire organization.  The sharing of their experience and knowledge has been an invaluable part our journey.”

Kismet WeissOffice of Continuous Improvement, Administrator, ADOT

“ADOT’s partnership with Honsha has been invaluable in the agency’s transformation into the Arizona Management System. The ability to identify customer’s wants/needs, finding the root cause of problems, and identifying waste are some of the key principles Honsha conveys in their training sessions.”

Chuck StojakovichDeputy Chief Human Resources Officer, ADOT

“Honsha’s guidance and continued support of ADOT’s implementation of Continuous Improvement and the Arizona Management System has been amazing.  Their sincerity and embedding themselves into our agency shows their commitment to ensuring we succeed in this transformation.  The tools and coaching techniques provided have allowed my staff and I to view our HR/CR support through a different lens…the lens of our customers, which allows us to serve them more efficiently and effectively.”

“I am fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work closely with the Honsha team to help guide our agency through this exciting journey and experience.”

Wendy BrazierChief Human Resources Officer, ADOT