Do you know Lean?

Do you desire to make a difference?

This is your chance to use your Lean skills to
make that difference.  Just one hour can
be a tremendous help for people in need around the world.

“Service is the rent we pay for a room on earth"

What is Lean 360

Lean 360 is a joint initiative with World Vision, the largest philanthropic organization in the world, located in more than 100 countries.

Lean 360 aims to connect experienced Lean practitioners with personnel in non-profit organizations in difficult to reach areas of the world.

One hour of your time can impact a few and that few can impact the world.

The Lean 360º cause is a great way of sharing your experiences while indirectly impacting children’s lives. It brought me satisfaction being able to help such a great cause! I would definitely do it again.

Guilherme Batista
(Lean 360º faculty member).

How does it work


-  Verbal English fluency required for presentations
-  Minimum 3 years of experience in Lean/TPS
-  1 hour of availability (30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night) for the webinar
- Dr. Andrew Parris PhD, MIT, Sr. Executive at World Vision, will select the candidate and the topic according to the organization’s needs at the moment.


Use the application format at the bottom of this page.


Once your application and topic is matched with a current need you will be scheduled for a time that matches your schedule and World Vision’s. 

You will receive standardized work that describes the framework for the Webinar, the preparation steps as well as the process for connecting and delivering the Webinar. You will also have the opportunity to be coached by someone who is familiar with the process.  

The Webinar audience will be, primarily, World Vision staff and volunteers from around the world who want to increase their knowledge of Lean and how it can help them help others. Once the Webinar is complete there will be time for Q&A.  Approximately 12 hours later you will conduct the same Webinar to reach those in other time zones around the world.



Your contribution
makes a difference

Your contribution of time and knowledge can have a tremendous impact on many people who might never be exposed to Lean concepts and your experience.  Once they are exposed we know they will want to learn even more and your impact will continue to make a difference.



Your name and biography will be featured in the "Social Responsibility" page at The World Vision International will feature your participation in their media, in over 100 countries.
You will also receive a special Lean volunteer certification to thank you for donating your time and knowledge.