Amadeu Mendes


Amadeu learned Toyota Production System at NUMMI in 1993 and since that time has implemented Lean in Delphi Automotive Systems, Thermal division and Alstom Transport.
With 35 years or experience in Operations ; 2 years in Alstom Transport as Operations Vice President in headquarter Paris, France ; 4 years in Alstom Transport Brasil ; 17 years at Delphi Automotive Systems in Brasil as plant manager implementing in all these jobs Lean manufacturing and Lean Enterprise as part of his task.
Amadeu started up 2 Delphi Plants in Brasil with Lean concepts . He received from ” Autodata ” magazine  in 2007 the award ” The best management case in automotive business ” related to Delphi Jaguariuna Plant continuous improvement process and Delphi as Company of the year of automotive business. He was awarded as Delphi Global Lean leader for lean implementation .
He was speaker in 2 Lean Summitts Brasil 2004 and 2006 showing cases of  Lean implementation.
Amadeu worked in Alstom Transport France supporting the Transformation Program leading lean transformation globally in all signaling manufacturing plants .