Bob Plummer

Sr. Managing Director

Bob began his career with 15 years of experience leading manufacturing operations, including Toyota experience at NUMMI, followed by 15 years of experience as Division President and CEO of both manufacturing and service companies.  He has a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Kettering University and a MBA from Harvard Business School.

While in the roles of Division President and CEO, he implemented TPS in several businesses.  Two of his larger implementations include Portola Packaging, a $200 million global plastic packaging manufacturer and Siegel-Robert Automotive, a $450 million automotive components manufacturer. When implementing TPS and kaizen, he emphasize the important role of leadership, meaningful metrics, building kaizen skill and ability, and cultural transformation.

As Managing Director of Honsha, he works with clients to improve the ability of their operations and extended value streams to meet customer needs for delivery, quality, products, and services in the most effective and efficient ways possible.  He achieves those results by focusing on a combination of building organizational capability and culture and by solving problems. Industries where he is currently focused include manufacturing, health care, and distribution.