Dan Mulloy


Dan’s career has spanned over 30 years with General Motors and Toyota Motors learning and implementing the principles of the Toyota Production System in a variety of manufacturing, engineering, logistics and distribution environments. His intimate working knowledge of the preeminent vehicle manufacturers supply chain, manufacturing strategy and procurement activities provides a unique detailed perspective on the key attributes and differences for each.
He gained his practical expertise in lean supply chain while working directly with the Toyota experts as Project Manager transforming the Toyota NA Service Parts supply chain consistent with TPS.  The project included reengineering the layout Parts Warehouses and completely transforming the daily receiving/picking operations. This project has been cited in ‘Lean Thinking’ authored by Jim Womack and Dan Jones.
Dan was steeped in the Toyota methodology while part of the Strategic Planning team and gained a working knowledge of Toyota Kaizen while training facilitators that drove the improvement projects throughout the parts distribution centers. In this assignment, he developed the overall Kaizen strategy including evaluation criteria and the annual celebration. At Toyota he led workshops in Hoshin Kanri and A3 training.