Fred Janz


Fred has over 20 years of experience in utilizing Toyota Lean practices, leading organizations that require a deep manufacturing understanding, both discrete and process. As an executive, he is a dynamic business leader with proven experience in maximizing operational performance; with his guidance, both clients in both domestic and international environments can improve their products and processes.

Fred’s experience includes multisite and international environments, managing resources in these environments to exceed all established benchmarks and objectives.

Fred has worked in may areas of the packaging and plastics conversion market place.
He was fortunate to be part of several “ground breaking” advances in the plastics and packaging arenas.

His printing operation with Owens Illinois was the first to successfully introduce water based on polystyrene as well as introduced the Hercules Photo Polymer plate systems.

As GM for Johnson Controls his New Jersey facility successfully introduces the Heat Set Yoshino Process for hot filled PET containers to customer Ocean Spray and with Eco2 facilitated the waterless PET recycling system leading to the widest LNO (FDA letter of non objection) in the US.