Marcos Kawagoe


Marcos Y. Kawagoe is an engineer from the São Paulo Polytechnic School (USP), with an MBA in Administration and Finance. He has almost 30 years of experience in Industrial Operations and Supply Chain (Manufacturing, Logistics, Production Planning, Scheduling and Control, Purchasing and Quality) and IT, in Aerospace (Embraer), in addition to Automotive, Metal Mechanics, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Chemicals, Civil Construction, Services, among others.

He started his Lean / TPS journey almost 30 years ago during his internship at Denso’s headquarters in Japan (part of the Toyota group). He also returned to Japan several times to specialize in Genba Kaizen and technical missions at Japanese companies.

He was one of the responsible for Embraer’s Lean transformation and its dissemination in all the company’s units worldwide.

He was also one of the SAP implementation leaders at Saint Gobain Abrasives, at Embraer in Brasil and at Embraer plant in China. Besides, he was responsible for creating and structuring Embraer’s Kaizen Promotion Office area, structuring the area and training the company’s KPOs (Kaizen Promotion Officers).

He led more than 500 Kaizen and Kaikaku groups  both in Brazil and abroad (China, United States, France, England, Czech Republic, Portugal and Spain), in production, administrative, engineering and service processes.