Rhonda Brown


Rhonda has over 20 years of learning, practical experience, and teaching lean principles both in operations, business processes and the human resources function.  She is a business leader passionate about the people transformation and growth in the TPS process and has been certified in lean and as a master black belt in six sigma.  Early in her career she worked in a global automotive supplier focusing on the learning and teaching the principles of lean and culture change across regions facilitating many workshops and Kaizen’s leading to significant business results.

While working at Toyota Rhonda supported the start-up of the leadership development center for NA and focused on the core executive leadership training to include The Toyota Way, TBP, and FMDS – co-leading the steering committee for organizational people development and focused on high potential talent development.

Rhonda has since served as an executive in Human Resources in various industry passionate about TPS through the growth of people, Hoshin-Kanri, and coaching leadership behaviors for TPS and transformation and linking the HR processes to the value streams of the organization to drive sustainable results.  Continuous learning and having learning, implementing, and seeing results keeps the passion alive.