Ryan Soderstrom


Ryan’s 25-year career spans from agency consulting, to being in the integration hub of a Fortune 25 company, through multiple acquisitions and corporate integrations. He has focused on disciplines, such as lean transformation, change management, and operations and systems assimilation. He holds a Bachelor of Communications degree from the University of Northwestern and an MBA from the University of Missouri.

In his capacity within a Fortune 25 company for 17 years, Ryan lead various internal teams and external practice groups – focused in area such as change management, cultural transformation, synergy analysis and cost reduction, and operations and systems integration.

Joining Honsha in 2013, Ryan works on a variety of lean transformation and change management projects. He directs client teams in areas such as lean problem solving, process improvement, strategy deployment and quality improvement. Additionally, with his experience in a Fortune 25 culture, Ryan works proficiently with client teams to build relationships, from senior leadership, to department heads, to front line staff. Ryan’s understanding of strategic personnel and information management in the change process is significant. He is highly motivated by purposefully bringing multiple audiences (employees and stakeholders) into awareness and consensus on critical issues surrounding the process of change and improvement.