Sergio Osamu Onizuka


For 12 years, Sergio worked at Toyota Brazil in the Quality Control Department. He has experience in worldwide projects with internal processes and TDB suppliers in Brazil, Argentina and Japan.
He is a specialist in the Quality Validation Requirements in the productive processes of printwork, welding, painting and assemblage, and also has vast experience in application of TPS in standardized processes, 5S and kaizens in cost reduction and quality problems.
Sergio is also an auditor of special QTF (Quality Task Force) processes for Arc Welding, Spot Welding, Projection Welding, Foundry and Thermal Treatment to avoid complaints in the field.
He ministered many training programs in Analysis of the Root Cause (Report A3), Quality Tools and Supplier Workshops.
He graduated at FATEC in Sao Paulo in Welding Technology.