Stephen Ansuini


Mr. Ansuini started at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky (TMMK) in 1987 in the Skilled Trades Development area with responsibility for development of intermediate maintenance training.
From there he started the TMMK Suggestion System in 1989, and supported Quality Circle deployment in 1990. Mr. Ansuini provided pre-hire assessment and system development support for Toyota Motor Manufacturing Baja California – the new Mexico plant in 2004. He supported the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas plant start-up in 2005 by providing pre- and post-hire assessments and TPS (Toyota Production System) training to new maintenance team members and Group Leaders.
Mr. Ansuini then moved to the North American Production Support Center (NAPSC) located in Georgetown, KY. His role included deployment of the Visual Manual to all North American Toyota affiliates, chair of the NATQC Forum (North American Toyota Quality Circles). He also provided Toyota Job Instruction training, role training, Quality Circle training, Group Leader training and NAPSC Visual Manual user support for North America. Mr. Ansuini retired from Toyota with over 20 years experience in May of 2007.