PDCA – Problem Solving

In order to build the culture of problem solving, an organization needs a “Community of THINKERS”, working together on continuous improvement and the A3 problem-solving process which aligns with organization’s business objectives. Their goal is to design a sustainable rigorous problem-solving process that is, in effect, an experimental test of any proposed changes. In this workshop we will practice several of the problem-solving steps. We will also briefly discuss the infrastructure required to develop and sustain problem solvers, and touch on areas such as strategy deployment, standardized work, visual management and Go and See. “Go and See” will be a key component discussed within ALL the steps of the lean problem-solving process. Topics Covered: • The lean problem-solving process • How each step ties into PDCA • Tangible actions required to support and “bring to life” organizational values/principles. • Relating problem solving and core lean activities At the end of this workshop you should be able to: • Follow the steps of the lean problem solving process (PDCA) • Know how to use different problem solving methodologies in different circumstances (Problem Solving Flowchart, A3) • Understand what it takes to develop concise problem solving A3’s and or Problem Solving Flowcharts • Understand and be able to explain the “thinking process” and infrastructure needed to sustain problem solving at all levels Price: $600 (summit attendees) $800 (workshop only)

Wed, Mar 28 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Instructor: Sammy Obara