Summer Webinar Series: Lean Management & Accounting – July 19

Great Lean Companies Have Great Lean Systems
Facilitated by Darril Wilburn

Leader in development of some Toyota Motor Manufacturing’s leadership development programs
Date: July 19, 2:00pm–2:30pm EDT

I was honored to be part of the startup team for Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas. It was here that I experienced first-hand the implementation of the Toyota Production Systems from, literally, the ground up. How is it that new team members at Toyota can become highly effective so quickly? What systems are already in place that allow team members and a greenfield company to be successful? No matter where you are on your Lean journey, this webinar will allow you to check your company’s approach to system development and implementation and decide if there is a gap that is keeping your team members from full engagement and accomplishment. The webinar will focus on how great Lean companies utilize the Enterprise Management System to link the organization from Hoshin to individual activity and how it applies to any organization.